Improve facial definition and wrinkles – Botox

  • 中文名稱:愛力根保妥適乾粉注射劑。
  • FDA licensing No.: 000525

Botox is a natural protein that is extracted from bacterial secretions via a high tech purifying process. The highly purified main ingredient, botulinum toxin type A, is an inhibitor of neuronal pathways. When injected into the skin, Botox targets wrinkles caused by facial expressions or overly active muscles to reduce muscle tone and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Botox can also prevent new wrinkles from forming, allowing the face to return to its natural, radiant state.




Product Description

Botulinum toxin is a protein-based neurotoxin extracted from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It acts on the connections where nerves meet with muscles or glands, working to relax the target muscles or inhibit secretions from the target glands. Botulinum toxin was originally used to treat the overly active eye muscles that cause people to be cross-eyed or have twitches in their eyelids. It was later discovered that this protein could also relax the muscles that cause wrinkles, resulting in less apparent lines, as well as a reduction in the size of overdeveloped muscles, helping to shape the face and even the legs; because of this, botulinum toxin became widely used in cosmetic medicine. 

Currently, the MOHW has approved the usage of the following 3 types of botulinum toxin: (left image) Botox, from USA; (center image) the UK’s Dysport; and Germany’s Xeomin.

Botulinum toxin can be used on a wide range of target areas

  • forehead wrinkles
  • between the eyebrows
  • crow’s feet or laugh lines
  • jawline
  • double chin
  • calf definition
  • hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Self inspection and treatment methods

Injections of botulinum toxin can inhibit the neuronal pathways and reduce muscle activity, resulting in improvement to the face shape by shrinking the jaw muscles.

Botulinum toxin can be injected into specific areas or the entire mesoderm to firm up sagging skin for an improvement in facial definition, reduce the appearance of a double chin and nasolabial folds, and lift drooping eyes.

Our dermatologists will assess the degree of sagginess in the patient’s skin and adjust treatment accordingly. The appearance of saggy skin can be improved either by a non-invasive Ulthera ultrasound lift or radiofrequency lift to firm up the skin.

Due to the loss of collagen as a result of aging, it is recommended to pair botulinum toxin treatments with Sculptra, Ellanse, hyaluronic acid, or tissue grafts to fight the appearance of sunken features.

Photo by specialist Lai Hong-guo taken for the 30th anniversary of a botulinum toxin brand.

Frequently asked questions

  • Injections are not recommended for those with allergies to medicinal ingredients, myasthenia gravis, and pregnant or breastfeeding women. 
  • It is recommended that those with inflammation or areas experiencing an allergic reaction to treatments wait until fully healed before injecting botulinum toxin.
  • The possibility of bruising is higher for those taking ginseng, fish oil, ginkgo, pain killers, aspirin, vitamin E, and other anticoagulants or circulation promoting foods or medicines. However, injections can still be administered.
  • Patients may feel slightly unwell following injection, but the level of severity is usually extremely low and the duration short.
  • If bruising occurs, apply a cold compress for the first 48 hours and a hot compress afterwards. Bruising will typically subside over the course of 1 week. 
  • Within the first week, avoid excessive heat (ie. sunbathing, saunas, etc.) and massages on the treated areas.
  • Return to the clinic for a follow up appointment 1 to 2 weeks after treatment. For facial slimming and lifting or slimming of the calves, follow up 1 month after treatment. 

A small reminder from L’Excellence:

The information and images on this page are only for the provision of medical information. All photos published are sampled from the clinic’s patients with their permission. 

All treatments come with some risk, and results are subject to vary according to individuals. Please consult with a physician for a personalized assessment of treatments and possible improvements.