Cleaning crew for your blood – ILIB HeNe Laser (Intravenous laser irradiation of blood)

  • 中文名稱:長安氦氖雷射附件
  • FDA Licensing No. 001547
In our modern world, people are living under conditions that can lead to a lot of impurities in the blood. There is pollution in our air and water, and radiation all around us. We have bad habits, anxiety, and high stress. At best, this leads to poor sleep, headaches, and tension in our neck and shoulders. At worst, people can suffer from mental disorders or have heart attacks or stroke. The ILIB HeNe laser is an advanced medical tool that uses low-energy lasers to penetrate the blood, clearing it of waste material and helping to protect against the effects of disease.

How it works

The treatment has several names (biochemical laser, HeNe laser, low-energy biochemical laser, Intravenous Laser Irradiation of Blood (ILIB)). The HeNe laser is based on physics. It uses low-energy red biochemical lasers at wavelengths of 632.8nm. This produces a photochemical effect to reinvigorate the blood cells and improve the functioning and circulation of the blood and all types of cells, leading to better metabolism and the removal of free radicals. 

The low-energy lasers are transmitted into the blood through fiber optics. Once inside, the light energy is transformed into bio-energy to improve the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen, increase metabolism, and improve the functioning of white blood cells and other parts of the immune system.

Treatment method

  • Low-intensity (low-energy) biochemical lasers irradiate the blood through the veins. Each treatment lasts 60 minutes, and there are 10 treatments in a course.
  • Biochemical lasers don’t entail the use of any medication. There is no discomfort during treatment, and afterwards the patient can immediately return to their daily life. 
  • Results are visible after just one course of treatment. For patients with serious symptoms, best results are seen after 3-5 courses of treatment. Each course should be separated by 7-10 days of rest.


Improves sleep disorders, insomnia, arteriosclerosis, arterial stiffness, anemia, headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, stroke, mental illness, heart disease, numbness of the hands or feet, diseases of the nervous system, cerebrovascular disease, etc.

Improves acute and chronic hepatitis, chronic inflammation of the digestive tract, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, chronic eczema, psoriasis, lupus,  rheumatoid arthritis, acute and chronic viral infections, bacterial infections, pain relief, supplementary cancer treatment, etc.

  • By improving blow in the body, the treatment increases the addition of new capillaries and the synthesis of collagen proteins
  • Through the activation of the body’s cells, the therapy creates a protective membrane for damaged cells and helps them to repair

Anti-aging, rejuvenating, hair growth, restores hair color, improves skin texture, improves body figure, promotes the healing of injuries, increases the speed of postnatal recovery, etc.

  • Increases the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in red blood cells
  • Activates the cells in the body to fight against the signs of aging
  • Increases ATPase, which stabilizes cell membranes to combat aging and alleviate the symptoms of illness

Metabolic syndrome, uremia, drug detox, recovery from alcohol, etc.

Frequently asked questions

The stresses of modern life coupled with a polluted environment and poor diet results in the generation of free radicals in the body and the build-up of metabolic waste. Low-energy biochemical laser intravenous irradiation therapy bathes the blood in light similar to that of sunbathing, which not only allows for the transformation of energy, but also indirectly transmits bio-energy into the body through a series of biochemical, physical, biological, and photochemical processes. This increases the ability of the blood to carry oxygen, improves the elasticity and plasticity of red blood cells, and promotes circulation and microcirculation. Together, this eliminates wastes from the body, activates enzymes, and stimulates the body’s immunity.

The process of HeNe laser therapy is very simple and safe. Using fiber optics, low-energy red light is directed into the blood vessels through the veins for about an hour. Simply put, it is essentially allowing the blood to sunbathe. Like a plant engaging in photosynthesis, a healing effect is generated through the irradiation of the blood.

After undergoing HeNe laser therapy, the body’s ability to heal itself will be increased and physiological processes will be activated. This is different from the damaging effects of high-energy lasers, and as such there are virtually no side effects. However, due to natural differences in each patient’s constitution, a small number of people will have some temporary reactions. These include a reduced desire for sleep as the body temporarily feels energized or slight dizziness. Patients should avoid undergoing treatment when hungry or experiencing low blood sugar to avoid experiencing symptoms of hypoglycemia.

People who are overly sensitive to light therapy or have blood clotting disorders, those with pacemakers, and pregnant women are advised against treatment.

Yes, it is safe for a woman to undergo therapy during her period.

  • First-time patients are recommended to have 10 treatments
  • Treatments can be administered once a day for 5 days before resting for 2 days. The final 5 daily treatments then resume again after the rest period.
  • Treatments can also be carried out once every 2-3 days, but it is recommended that a 10-treatment course be completed within a 30-day period.
  • After the first course of 10 treatments, it is recommended that 3 maintenance treatments are carried out every 2 months.
  • Those with blood clotting disorders, pregnant women, and people with photosensitivities are not recommended to undergo treatment
  • Treatment should not be done on an empty stomach; patients can eat biscuits before the procedure to avoid experiencing symptoms of hypoglycemia
  • To ensure a sufficient blood supply, patients are recommended to drink 500-1000cc of warm water following treatment
  • Maintain a balanced diet: patients should increase their intake of green, leafy vegetables and orange-color fruits. Patients are also encouraged to maintain regular exercise and good sleep patterns 
  • Some people may experience dizziness or fatigue during the first few days following treatment. In this case, patients are asked to rest and drink water

A small reminder from L’Excellence:

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All treatments come with some risk, and results are subject to vary according to individuals. Please consult with a physician for a personalized assessment of treatments and possible improvements.