New Gen. 585 Yellow Laser – Beat back rosacea and pimples

  • 中文名稱:銧特外科雷射儀。
  • 英文名稱:QUANTA Surgical  Laser Device。
  • FDA Licensing No. 030324

Medical devices are getting better every day, and now there’s a new treatment for problems like rosacea and redness. The 585 yellow laser is great for dealing with a range of issues including rosacea, red pimples, visible capillaries, discolorations, and fine lines. 

585 yellow lasers use long pulses for a gentle treatment and a stable power output. Treatments can reach a depth of 1.4mm, while the 5W output gently firms up the red areas of the skin. The size of the treatment area can be customized according to the patient’s needs, while scanner technology can condense hyperplastic capillaries to flush the skin.


How it works

The 585 yellow laser is a medical device that is specialized for treating issues of the skin’s blood vessels. The laser’s long pulse wavelengths are extremely effective at being absorbed by oxygenated hemoglobin in the skin. As the yellow laser penetrates the skin, it firms and shrinks the blood vessels with optical heat energy, resulting in a reduction in the redness of the skin. It has been called the gold standard of blood vessel treatments. 

Compared with the previous 595 nm wavelength dye laser, the 585 yellow laser is more effective at being absorbed by hemoglobin and can more effectively firm up and shrink the blood vessels. This is great for improving redness, while the post-procedure recovery period does not impact the patient’s schedule.

D-WMOPs technology allows for the production of a stable 585 nm wavelength beam of gold with an energy usage of 100%. The long pulses and large scale scanner accelerate treatment time, reduce pain and recovery time, and are very safe. 

【1】After the 585 yellow laser emits the heat energy, it is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood vessels.

【2】Blood vessels that absorb the heat energy become firm and temporarily darker in color.

【3】The darkened blood vessels will atrophy and slowly be metabolized by the body.

【4】Finally, the blood vessels will be eliminate

Comparing the 585 yellow laser with regular dye laser therapy

Regular dye lasers use a liquid medium for their pulses and have sharp peaks in energy output, while the 585 yellow laser is a solid-state laser. With its exclusive D-wmops wavelength calibration system, the beam emitted by the solid-state laser can be maintained at a steady wavelength of 585 with a square wave form. This results in a stable length of time for each pulse.

Traditional lasers:

  • Pulse period: short pulse + high energy = causes the blood to boil suddenly, resulting in a rupture of the blood vessel wall.
  • Target: the blood.
  • Recovery period: potential bruising.

New generation 585 yellow laser treatments:

  • Pulse period: long pulses accumulate enough heat energy to evenly shrink the walls of the blood vessels.
  • Target: blood vessels.
  • Recovery period: redness.

Gentle therapy with the long pulses of the 585 yellow laser

Using long pulses and a stable output of energy, treatments penetrate up to 1.4 mm with an output of 5 W for a gentle firming and of areas with red blood vessels. The size of the treatment area is calibrated according to the individual patient’s needs, while the scanner technology can condense the hyperplastic capillaries to flush the skin.

The first laser to use D-wmops to emit 585 yellow wavelength light that is more absorbable by hemoglobin than previous dye lasers.

A stable energy output greatly reduces the risk of bruising post treatment.

A fraxel laser output with adjustable light point density for an easily customizable treatment.

A large-scale scanner system for a reduced treatment time.


歡迎來自Quanta System 585黃雷射—亞太區行銷總監Chris,與雙位皮膚科—黃政傑醫師、黃幼鳴醫師,以黃雷射對於痘疤色素、微血管等泛紅症狀為主軸,探究如何以更安全而有效的美容觀點,針對不同的肌膚困擾提供改善方式,讓每一位貴賓朋友都能擁有夢寐以求的完美臉蛋。

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Frequently asked questions

  • Please ensure areas with hair are clean shaven.
  • It is not recommended to use topical anesthetics during blood vessel treatments as these creams cause the blood vessels to shrink, reducing treatment effectiveness.
  • Discontinue use of any topical retinoids one week prior to treatment and do not undergo any laser or brightening treatments.
  • For one month prior to treatment, avoid excessive exposure to the sun and discontinue use of any oral retinoids. If you have a history of light sensitivities, skin disease, immune system disorders, are pregnant, or taking any special medications, please consult with a physician before making any treatment plans.
  • For the treatment of blood vessels or acne, the color of the treatment area will temporarily darken and appear deep red or form small scabs. As each patient is unique, some may experience slight bruising or redness which will clear up in a few days.
  • After treatment, a small number of people may experience some blistering. Please care for the blisters as you would a wound until fully healed.
  • To ensure the most effective closing off of the treated blood vessels, please avoid hot environments for 1 week following treatment.
  • Please moisturize and apply sunscreen to the skin following treatment as it will be drier than usual. Patients may experience itchiness on the treatment area, however, to avoid scarring, please do not scratch.

A small reminder from L’Excellence:

The information and images on this page are only for the provision of medical information. All photos published are sampled from the clinic’s patients with their permission. 

All treatments come with some risk, and results are subject to vary according to individuals. Please consult with a physician for a personalized assessment of treatments and possible improvements.