Excellence in medical cosmetics – LPG endermologie body slimming machine.

  • 中文名稱:艾爾貝琪-愛麗絲旗艦型全功能按摩儀。
  • 英文名稱:LPG CELLU M6 Alliance Lab
  • FDA Licensing No. 030976

The all new 10th generation Cellu M6® Alliance and Cellu M6® Alliance Lab technology combine both body and face treatments for a beautiful figure and skin.

The LPG endermologie slimming machine modulates levels of physical stimulation as it receives information from the body for a completely non-invasive tissue massage. Using patented suction and motion technologies, the device helps to rebuild and restore the body’s connective tissues and muscles. The treatment consists of rhythmically contracting and releasing the tissues, causing fluids to build up in the target area (like in swelling or inflammation) to promote rejuvenation.

How it works

The patented technology of the all-new design found in the 2017 10th generation Cellu M6® Alliance and Cellu M6® Alliance Lab is powerful yet gentle for an extraordinary effect on the body. LPG endermologie employs a special roll and flap technology in combination with suction to create over 300 different massaging motions to match the different shapes of the body’s various parts and provide well-rounded stimulation. It is a non-surgical massage procedure that uses mechanics rather than hands to manipulate and massage tissues to promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, improve swelling, and bring about a well-conditioned figure.

Treatment head suitable for use on various body parts and applications

  • ease of control allows for application on many parts of the body
  • suction stimulates the lymphatic system and relaxes tight muscles
  • increases connective tissue reactivation by 50%

Facial applications

  • 2 types of all-new Ergolift miniature motorized applicators
  • anti-aging technology rejuvenates skin elasticity down to the deepest layers
  • effective for promoting younger, radiant skin and defined features

LPG endermologie slimming machine – skin smoothing for improvement of cellulite

The patented Alliance treatment head of the LPG endermologie machine works with the specifics of each patient to stimulate the skin and underlying fatty tissue to make them softer and less fibrous. In the hands of a skilled technician, this helps to metabolize fat and to activate blood and lymphatic circulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite and water retention. The mechanical massaging of the tissues also stimulates the body to produce collagen, which acts to firm up the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

The LPG endermologie slimming machines works to improve cellulite by using its patented roller and motorized flap in conjunction with suction to manipulate the body’s tissues, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, improving metabolism, and reactivating the body’s natural processes to expedite fat release. The process targets cellulite and thick fatty areas to achieve a balanced and slim figure overall.

  • Those with cancer, taking blood coagulants, with angiopathy, infectious disease, phlebitis, or inflamed areas are not suitable for treatment 
  • Those who have undergone vascular surgery within two months or plastic surgery within six months are advised to wait before going ahead with treatment
  • Treatment is less effective for those who have undergone long-term adrenal therapy, with diminished thyroid function, or have diabetes
  • Pregnant women are advised against undergoing treatment for fibrous cellulite, but aqueous cellulite treatments pose no risk

Before treatment, consult with your physician to come up with a suitable treatment plan. Those patients with open wounds, inflammation, blood clots, or any of the above mentioned contraindications are not suitable for treatment with this device. In addition, patients taking anticoagulants should first consult with their doctors before proceeding with treatment.

A small reminder from L’Excellence:

The information and images on this page are only for the provision of medical information. All photos published are sampled from the clinic’s patients with their permission. 

All treatments come with some risk, and results are subject to vary according to individuals. Please consult with a physician for a personalized assessment of treatments and possible improvements.